Merit Awards

Since its foundation, councils of the Irish Grassland Association (IGA) have worked alongside the most progressive individuals of the farming, research and business communities for the betterment of Irish grassland farming. This relationship has been significant in bringing Irish grassland technology to the forefront as an international science.

In 2009 the IGA instigated the Lifetime Merit Award to recognise the contribution of many great individuals to the growth of our association and the grassland industry. The inaugural recipient of this award was Paddy O’Keeffe followed by Dr. Sean Flanagan in 2010, Dr Padraig O'Kiely in 2011, Norman Bateman in 2012, Padraig O’Kiely 2013, Matt Dempsey 2014, John Shirley 2015 and Noel Culleton 2016.

The award is presented to individuals, chosen by council, who have contributed significantly to progressive work within grassland technology and grassland farming. This award is a public endorsement on behalf of our association and its members, to the great and important contribution made by its recipients to our industry and lives.

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“To nominate a candidate for the Lifetime Merit award please email our secretary with the nominees name and 300 lines about their background and why they are worthy of this nomination"

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Matt Ryan

LMA 2018

Matt Ryan

LMA 2015 - Andrew Cromie

LMA 2017

Andrew Cromie

LMA 2015 - Noel Culleton

LMA 2016

Noel Culleton

LMA 2015 - John Shirley

LMA 2015

John Shirley

Matt Dempsey

LMA 2014

Matt Dempsey

LMA 2013

Dr. Seamus Hanrahan

LMA 2012

Norman Bateman

LMA 2011

Padraig O'Kiely

LMA 2010

Sean Flanagan

LMA 2009

Paddy O'Keeffe