Ciaran Lynch

Ciaran Lynch, Teagasc

Ciaran works with Teagasc as a Sheep Research Technologist. Previous to this he graduated from UCD with a degree in Animal Science. Coming from and working on a beef and sheep farm he has always had a keen interest in improving farming practice and continues to base his career in that area. Since its inception in 2008 Ciaran has been coordinating the BETTER Farm Sheep Programme. The main focus of the programme is to transfer key technologies in the areas of grassland, breeding and health to the wider sheep farming community. Demonstrating how to improve management and implementing farm plans have been methods used to help farmers overcome the stumbling blocks they face to improving their own farm profitability. In addition to the technology transfer aspect of his role, Ciaran has had the opportunity to examine a number of the technical issues influencing animal performance at farm level and address how these can be improved. Currently a large proportion of his time is dedicated to contributing to the wider Teagasc Sheep programme in delivering national and local events aimed at improving farmer awareness and knowledge.