Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly, UCD

Dr. Alan Kelly holds an honours degree in Animal Science (2006) and a PhD in Cattle Nutritional Physiology (2009) from University College Dublin (UCD) and subsequently worked for a year as a post doctoral research scientist at UCD Research Farm, Lyons Estate. Since 2011, he has been employed as a Lecturer in Animal Science at the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science. He lectured and coordinated modules mainly in the areas of advanced beef production and ruminant nutrition. His research areas of interest include the development of blueprints for efficient bull beef production systems, maximising the performance of beef cattle through dietary and management interventions designed to improve economically important traits (feed intake, growth, feed efficiency, compensatory growth and cattle digestion/fermentation), nutrition and health management of calves and strategies to enhance the reproductive efficiency of beef cows. He has published extensively on these topics and has presented the findings of this research at national and international conferences. Alan has been co-opted on to the Council for the 2015/’16 term.